Our approach


Dick Heldridge

Individual Investor

"Shirley and I have invested with West Valley Properties for many years. It has been successful financially, we live in a very nice retirement community thanks to our Investments with the company."

"The reports West Valley provides are timely and easy to understand. On multiple occasions, the company has offered us the opportunity to provide suggestions and to vote on the next course of action with a property we've invested in, which we think is important."

Steve Alexander

Individual Investor

“I have been investing with West Valley Properties since the 1980’s. The company is very conscientious about managing the investments and the properties, and the income generation has been wonderful for my retirement lifestyle!”

Paul Kutler

Individual Investor

“Since 1976, I’ve invested in nine or more of West Valley Properties real estate co-ownership private placements. Profits from these investments provided us with money for the kid’s education and some of the finer things in life.

“Earlier in my investment career, I looked primarily for appreciation of my capital, and realized it beyond my expectations. I have now reached the stage of life where enhancing my retirement income is the priority, and with West Valley Properties I can select the right risk/reward profile for my needs.”