Our Approach

Founded in 1975, West Valley Properties is a fully integrated commercial real estate firm that provides real estate acquisition, development, asset management, and property management services to institutional and individual investor clients.


Investment Philosophy

Whether for institutional or private, high net worth investors, our investment philosophy is to provide a specialized, experienced, and knowledgeable team of professionals to help develop and implement our clients’ real estate investment goals and objectives. Each property considered for acquisition is carefully evaluated to match the specific goals of our clients. A business plan is created upon acquisition, outlining steps to be taken with that particular investment. Our ultimate objective will always be to acquire, develop, and manage each property in a manner that maximizes its value.  Often we co-invest alongside our investors.

Acquisition Strategy

Our Acquisition Strategy is to identify properties that meet certain well-defined criteria. We use a conservative investment approach, and review and analyze hundreds of properties for every offer we make. We look for properties that are:

·       Well-located, in an area that is experiencing both economic and demographic growth

·       Well-positioned in their “market” for long-term appreciation

·       Capable of sustaining a competitive advantage, regardless of the economy

·       Able to generate immediate significant cash flow

·       Occupied by a large number of smaller tenants to minimize exposure to any single tenant, thus reducing risk

We also look for properties where we can add value through additional development, better management, or re-positioning.

acquisition Due Diligence

Our Acquisition Due Diligence is both detailed and comprehensive. Initial underwriting relies on our market expertise, leasing and management experience, familiarity with the current financing markets, property and risk assessment skills, identification of exit strategies, and considerable knowledge of legal and tax matters. Our standard property evaluation involves a full complement of property inspections and reports on every aspect of the property including, but not limited to:

·       Structural inspections, including roof, HVAC, and other building system

·       Seismic, soils, and environmental investigations

·       Zoning compliance

·       Service contracts & warranties

·       Capital expenditure records

·       Tenant lease abstract and review

·       Review and analysis of past and current operating statements, budgets, tax bills, expense records, tenant payment histories, and tenant correspondence

·       Market survey and analysis, comparable sales and leasing analysis, rent rates and vacancy trends in the area, competitive property analysis, and several other property specific investigations

·       Comprehensive tenant interviews

Proven In-house management

Our Proven In-House Asset and Property Management is both experienced and dedicated. We place as much importance on the management of our properties as we do on the acquisition. The ability to manage properties successfully is fundamental to optimizing the income-producing potential and value appreciation of any investment real estate, but is often overlooked or outsourced.

The prudent real estate acquisitions of West Valley Properties are molded into successful growth vehicles by our staff of carefully selected management and maintenance personnel. Our asset and property managers are dedicated to operational efficiency and high profitability through the application of proven, hands-on management.

·       Some examples of the key property management principles we follow are outlined below:

·       Rents are sustained at the highest level consistent with the local market.

·       Rent collection policies are defined and designed to minimize delinquency.

·       Expenses are controlled by the use of rigorous cost and quality control.

·       Maintenance costs are closely supervised and competitive bids are solicited regularly.

·       All functions are monitored by the highest levels of management, weekly.

·       Properties are inspected regularly by the principals of West Valley Properties.

·       Tenant retention whenever achievable and feasible

Where appropriate, we also seek to add value through proven strategies including:

·       Cosmetic improvements such as new facades, landscaping, paint colors, etc.

·       Increasing leasable space

·       Upgrading tenant quality

·       Repositioning the tenant mix to better fit local demographics

·       Redeveloping to higher and better use

investor communication 

Our Investor Communication approach is 3-fold. Our goal is to keep our investors fully informed about their assets through prompt, timely, and comprehensive reporting. The typical investor receives monthly distribution checks, and regular financial statements and narrative reports on each property. Year-end financial statements and K-1's for tax reporting are mailed to each investor promptly following the closing of the books for each calendar year.